I can make a plain text website for your business, so you can focus on business, not on dealing with an unnecessarily sophisticated website.

Why do I make plain text websites for businesses?

Many businesses acquire clients through word of mouth.

Yet, Web Agencies nudge these businesses to spend thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, on building an unnecessarily sophisticated website.

If you get new clients via existing clients or people who know you or people in your wider networks, what matters is what people say about you. Not how much you spend on an unnecessarily sophisticated website. Don’t get me wrong. That does not mean your website is of no use at all; when your clients speak about you to their friends they might forward a link to your homepage, and prospects might contact you via your website. Yet, what prompted them to contact you is what they’ve been told by your existing clients, not the unnecessarily sophisticated website they saw.

Your website might as well look as bare as this one - your inflow of new clients would not change, however, you would save money and time (dealing with the Web Agency talking to you about an unnecessarily sophisticated website).

Don’t waste your money on a bloated and unnecessarily sophisticated website.

If you are in the word-of-mouth type of business, focus on your trade, your practice, your clients - they will bring new clients to you. Or if you are getting started, and need new clients, start locally1.

You don't need to hire a programmer to make a plain text website, you can make it yourself. Fork (clone) and modify this page for it to become your own. I can help you do so if you don't know know how.


Postscriptum on unnecessarily sophisticated website.

When I see a website that is unnecessarily sophisticated, I feel I am being mislead. For the ancient Greeks thought of sophists (that is the root of sophisticated) as people who (mis)lead their public to believe, or be convinced of, something through a fallacious reasoning. The etymology dictionary says early usage of sophisticate in English circa 1500 implied "altered dishonestly." In my mind, sophisticated resonates with bamboozling.

In more modern times, I once heard someone say: “Les paillettes cachent la merde” which can translate as “glitters mislead people”.

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